Current exhibitions

Frederic Shields GalleryFrederic Shields Gallery

Permanent exhibition

In the exhibition you can meet some of the main characters that have lived at the Hall over the centuries.

These include the grand John Radclyffe of the 1340s and the 'fair and witty' Margaret Radclyffe (former lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth 1).

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Basque childrenIn Search of the Basque Children in Salford and Eccles

Temporary exhibition
Sunday 18 June 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017

Salford based artist Claire Hignett has been researching a group of Basque children evacuated from the Spanish Civil War who came to Salford and Eccles in 1937.

Finding stories in old newspapers and talking to people who still remember them, she creates this exhibition to tell this hidden story.

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Silver laceShaped by Time: Textile 21

Temporary exhibition
Sunday 1 October 2017 to Sunday 4 February 2018

The new work in this exhibition presents a theme of the house as a home, responds to stories of people who have lived at Ordsall Hall, and explore the changes to the fabric and structure of the building over time.

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Beautiful gardens, great exhibits and fantastic interactive elements for older children.

Janet Robertson, Worsley.