Ordsall Hall presents an exciting programme of permanent displays and changing exhibitions. From contemporary art to local history interest, textiles to photography, community exhibitions and local artists, there is something for everyone!

You can also visit our permanent exhibition, the Frederic Shields Gallery where you can meet some of the main characters that have lived at the Hall over the centuries!

Ordering the Chaos

Sunday 29 May to Sunday 4 September 2016

Enter Julie K Holt Walsh's world of mystery and delight. Fascinated by natural objects discarded by nature, which land randomly on the ground. Walsh collects seeds, insects and other organic objects and arranges them carefully and systematically into groups, creating order from the chaos.

Discover and explore the sculptural forms created by the artist, by peeping into her mini environment of curiosity and intrigue.

Visit Julie K Holt Walsh's website.

Beautiful gardens, great exhibits and fantastic interactive elements for older children.

Janet Robertson, Worsley.