Ceramic cameras installation

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Ceramic installations by Ian Clegg and Angela Tait

Ceramic canistersOn display until Wednesday 13 May 2015

Two ceramic installations by artists Ian Clegg and Angela Tait can be seen on display in the smoke corridor and plaster ceiling room.

The work 'Ceramic Cameras 2014/15' is on display in the smoke corridor behind the kitchen fireplace. The exhibit is based upon the concept of the ceramic camera which Ian and Angela have been exploring for the previous two years. Their ceramic cameras function both sculpturally and as image making machines. These cameras have been treated with a traditional smoke firing process not dissimilar to the process used historically during the preserving of foodstuffs.

The installation 'Hoard 2014' can be seen on display in the plaster ceiling room. This piece consists of ceramic canisters, each containing a unique and beautiful mono-print. Every print is based upon a glove from the 8 year long project '(G)love, which is a collection of hundreds of lost (and found) gloves. The work is a sculptural and creative response to the collection. Its location in the plaster ceiling room reflects the origin of the space as a study; a place to learn, conduct business and reflect.

Ian Clegg and Angela Tait are artists who have been working collaboratively on creative projects since 2010. Their practice was founded upon a fascination with combining their individual disciplines of sculpture, photography, illustration and photography. This has led to a collaborative approach to other projects including teaching and writing. They are often concerned with the two/three dimension dichotomy. As a sculptor and a photographer they constantly have to negotiate this conflict of ideas, often finding a solution which couldn't have been conceived by one party alone. On this occasion the flat has been sculptural, on other occasions the reverse may be true.

They currently exhibit throughout the UK and beyond and also present workshops based around their specialisms. For more information about them please visit their website, follow them on Twitter @aticstudiosart or add them on Facebook ATIC.

Swinton Then and Now by Swinton Photographic Society

Salford Then and NowSunday 8 February 2015 to Sunday 10 May 2015

Members of the society used old photographs from Salford's Local History Library and took current images of exact locations, or as close as possible, as they appear today. The images captured and displayed in this exhibition will not only demonstrate just how remarkably, or perhaps not in some instances, such locations have changed, but also how the people and life in Salford have changed over the past decade.

This exhibition coincides with a selection from their annual show at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, on display from Saturday 25 April to Sunday 28 June 2015.

View the press release for Salford Then and Now.

Swinton and District Photographic Society is supported by the Community Committee for Salford.