Future exhibitions

Ordsall Hall presents an exciting programme of permanent displays and changing exhibitions. From contemporary art to local history interest, textiles to photography, community exhibitions and local artists, there is something for everyone!

You can also visit our permanent exhibition, the Frederic Shields Gallery.

Swinton Then and Now by Swinton Photographic Society

Swinton then and nowSunday 8 February 2015 to Sunday 10 May 2015

Members of the society used old photographs from Salford's Local History Library and took current images of exact locations, or as close as possible, as they appear today. The images captured and displayed in this exhibition will not only demonstrate jut how remarkably, or perhaps not in some instances, such locations have changed, but also how the people and life in Salford have changed over the past decade.

This exhibition coincides with a selection from their annual show at Salford Museum and Art Gallery on display from Saturday 25 April 2015 to Sunday 28 June 2015.

Swinton and District Photographic Society is supported by the Community Committee for Salford.

Visit the Swinton Photographic Society website.

Messengers and Promise

Cows, Angela SidwellSunday 17 May 2015 to Sunday 20 September 2015

Animals first entered the imagination as messengers and promises (John Berger 'About Looking').

Artist Kate Herbert and sculptor Angela Sidwell have united for the first time to create this exhibition. Together they explore human relationships with animals and how these have been presented over the past century. From working partnerships to pampered pets, the artists draw inspiration from Salford's collections and animals associated with Ordsall Hall.

Kate has a lifelong interest in capturing movement and character with her first love: line drawing. Angela creates sculptures using wood, wire and textiles. Animals and the issues that surround than them have always been pivotal in her work.

Visit Angela Sidwell's website.