Salford Museum and Art Gallery presents an exciting programme of permanent displays and changing exhibitions.

From contemporary art to local history interest, textiles to photography, community exhibitions and local artists, there is something for everyone!

Our permanent exhibitions include our spectacular Victorian Gallery, beautiful Pilkington's Gallery and our selling gallery, By Hand: the shop.

RuinsSoul Journey

Saturday 15 October 2016 to Sunday 7 February 2017

The Soul Journey Art Project is a unique collaboration between arts company verd de gris, writer Paula Sutherland and international photographer and film-maker Geoff Brokate. This exhibition will challenge how we perceive and respond to dementia as individuals and as a society. 

Very often there is a perception that dementia, being an 'incurable' or 'difficult' condition, is filled only with anxiety and confusion, devoid of joy. Having worked for over 10 years with people living with dementia, verd de gris have experienced quite the opposite in their creative dementia sessions, giving people time and space where the present becomes new and fulfilling.

The exhibition includes an installation, original writing, a series of still photographs and a film that weaves together spoken word, moving images and an original score to capture some of the beauty and dignity of the people taking part. It celebrates the extraordinary richness of the landscape that means so much to them. Group participants also present their own unique interpretation of what it means to live with dementia.

Pigs might fly space monkeyUps and Downs

Saturday 1 October 2016 to Sunday 4 June 2017

Maria Carroll has collaborated with her brother Matt to create works for this exhibition. Maria has always been an inspiration to her family, manifested in her innate visual and artistic approach to the world around her.

The use of vibrant, strong colours and striking images to visualise her world will inspire and uplift. Maria, who has Down Syndrome, is part of a large family born and brought up in Little Hulton. Her artistic collaboration with Matt, better known for his work with Central Station Design, is used as a therapeutic way to positively face hurdles in their lives.

Kevin HaynesCotton & Steel: The Industrial Paintings of Kevin Haynes and David Watson

Saturday 9 July to Sunday 9 October 2016

The cotton industry of Manchester and Oldham and the steel industry of Teeside and Middlesbrough are brought together in this joint exhibition by post war artists Kevin Haynes and David Watson.

Cotton and steel are two distinctly contrasting materials presented by two distinctly different artists, both from working backgrounds in industry, later mixing their palettes to reflect these experiences.

David WatsonKevin's instantly recognisable colourful naive style blends fondness of his childhood and career memories of northern cotton towns, through a methodical and precise mind of an engineer. Whilst David's raw and often brutal approach resonates a personal relationship with the industrial past against the present reality.

When combined they weave an industrial narrative connecting the regions through the industries once defined as Cotton and Steel.

Children in costume, 1950sSalford and Cheetham Hill in Focus: 
Iconic Photographs from the 1950s and 60s by Retracing Salford

Saturday 18 June to Sunday 30 October 2016

Explore new and unseen images from a large photographic archive from the 1950s and 60s from Salford and Cheetham Hill. It includes studio portraits, whit walks, shop fronts, textile workers, furniture and fashion, Salford schools, products, portraits of migrant ancestors from a range of nations, and much more.

The team from Retracing Salford will be in the gallery collecting your memories of some of the photographs. The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

To find out more about the photographs on display, see more images or to leave your memories of the pictures, please visit the Salford and Cheetham Hill in Focus website.

Meet the Retracing Salford project team

22 October, 1.00-4.00pm

Share your memories of the photographs and join our Creative Art Workshops. Suitable for 7 + and families.

Gifts, Grants and Games: Celebrating 60 years of the Friends of Salford Museum

Tailless donkeySaturday 2 April to Sunday 13 November 2016

The Friends of Salford Museum Association are celebrating their 60th birthday by sharing some of the fascinating objects they have helped the museum secure for the museum collections in this exhibition.

From pencil sketches to oil paintings, sculptures to games, many of the items have not been on public display for a number of years. In addition, the Friends support a large number of projects and funding grants for both Salford Museum & Art Gallery and Ordsall Hall. Visit to see this eclectic mix of objects, find out about the Friends and play on our giant board game!

View the press release.