Exhibition: Ten Plus @ Salford

Mavis Bentley
Date and time: 
Saturday, 29 April 2017 to Tuesday, 5 September 2017
Suitable for: 
Textile lovers, all

An exhibition of contemporary textile art by northern based collective Ten Plus Textiles.

The work includes hand and machine embroidery, needle felting, quilting, beadwork, patchwork, weaving and 3D pieces. Rich, luxurious and ornate in texture and colour, the pieces on display represent a fusion of traditional textile methods with original and inventive ideas and creations.

Ten Plus Textiles was founded 25 years ago to work together and promote an appreciation of textiles in all its forms and now has 16 members working with fabrics and fibres in different ways. The group's work has been exhibited widely through the North West and as far a field as London and Dublin.

This exhibition is currently on display in the North Gallery.

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