Where can I use my Aspire Unlimited membership?

The membership is valid at all our leisure centres and Salford Sports Village.

Am I tied into a contract?

No there is no minimum term contact. Cancellation is subject to two month's written notice and can be given at any time.

(See below - How do I cancel my membership?)

What do I need to bring in to join?

You will need to pay your first month’s membership fee plus the joining fee (if required) over the counter at the time of joining.

If aged 18 years or over we will need to see proof of your address and signature on two different documents e.g. driving licence and credit/bank card.

If you are applying for the concession price we will also need to see proof that you qualify:

  • For benefits - your most recent benefit award letter.
  • Full time students  – a  letter from your college / university showing you are currently enrolled on a full time course (student cards not accepted).
  • Full time Carer - your Carers Allowance notification letter.
  • 60 – 69 years   – Proof of your date of birth.

What times apply to the Aspire Off Peak membership?

Off peak membership allows access as per an Aspire member,  Monday – Friday,  9am to 4pm and anytime Saturday & Sunday.

Off Peak members may use the facilities outside of these hours but will be charged Freedom+ pay as you go prices for activities.

Can I swap from being a full paying Aspire member to Off Peak?

Yes you can if you are paying by Direct Debit, simply complete an amendment and new Off Peak membership agreement form at reception. Your membership will then be swapped over and payments reduced as of the next available payment date.

Can I put my Aspire membership on hold if I become ill or go away on holiday?

Yes we will agree to suspend your membership payments if you become ill or suffer an injury that prevents you from using us for a period of longer than one month; however we will ask for medical proof. We may suspend your membership if you are out of the country for a period of more than one month, e-mail collections@scll.co.uk for further advice.

Do I have to answer any health questions or get a doctors note before I can join as a member?

We will ask you to complete a straight forward medical questionnaire before you may use the gym. If you suffer from a heart complaint or high blood pressure we will refer you to our Active Lifestyles Team for further advice. You do not need to contact you doctor, if required our team can liaise directly with them, saving you any potential expense from obtaining a medical letter. This may present a small delay in joining the membership.

Can I pay for a membership over the counter each month?

Yes if you under 18 years old, otherwise you may purchase a 3 months or 12 months membership over the counter. The aspire membership for those aged 18 years or over must be paid for via Direct Debit from your bank.

Can aspire members bring friends along to use the facilities?

Yes we offer a day pass for only £7.50 or they may pay our standard pay as you go prices, per activity. If a member books a badminton or squash court there is no extra charge for the people attending with them (up to 3 others for badminton and 1 other for squash).

Do I get a discount on membership fees if I am on benefits?

Yes if you claim any of the following: Income support, Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity / Employment Support Allowance or Working Tax Credits (below a single income of £10,000 or a joint income of £12,500). Proof must be provided, please see the ‘what do I need to bring in to join question’ above.

Do I get a discount if I am disabled?

No but please see the question regarding qualifying benefits above.

Do you have somebody available to show me how to use the machines in the gym?

Yes we do, we will require you to undertake a gym induction before you start using the equipment, where a member of our team will show you how to use the machines. This induction is free to Aspire members.

Is there anybody on hand to offer advice as to what exercise or equipment I should be using?

Yes you can book a personal programme session with a member of our team who will be able to write up an exercise routine based on your personal requirements. You can then book regular follow up reviews on an ongoing basis. These sessions are free to aspire members.
For that extra motivation aspire members receive a free Personal Trainer session.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

You must bring your membership card on every visit. If you lose your card you may purchase a new one from reception.

How do I cancel my aspire membership?

You have to give us two months written notice to cancel and your membership will still be valid during this period. You may either complete a cancellation form at site reception or complete the online form

If you have suffered a serious illness or injury that prevents you from using the facilities you may apply to cancel your membership without the required two months notice by emailing us with the relevant proof.

Do you offer a family membership?

We prefer to offer individual memberships that can be more suited to the needs of the people involved. Also by offering juniors the option to purchase monthly memberships as and when required this avoids the parent/guardian being tied in to paying for a membership for their children that they may not be using.

I am currently a freedom member can I join as an Aspire member?

Yes you can and if you have had your Freedom membership for over 2 months and made at least 12 visits you will not have to pay the aspire joining fee!

Can I change the date my aspire membership payment comes out of the bank?

Yes you can by contacting our collections department at collections@scll.co.uk however payments must come out on either the 1st or 15th of the month.

Can I try you out before joining?

Yes you can just pay as you go for any of our activities and if you decide to join as an Aspire member within a week of having your gym induction we will deduct the induction fee from your first months membership fee.