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Salford Children's Book Award 2017

Shortlisted Book Jackets 2017

Salford Children's Book Award 2017 Shortlist

How to Fly with Broken Wings by Jane Elson

Willem has Aspergers Syndrome and two main aims in life: to fly and to make at least two friends of his own age.

But there are obstacles in his way, mainly Finn and his gang the Beckham Estate Boyz, who stop at nothing to bully Willem – until the day Sasha Barton decides to help.

Joe All Alone by Joanna Nadin

When Joe is left behind in Peckham while his mum flies to Spain on holiday, he decides to treat it as an adventure.  He begins to explore his neighbourhood, forming a friendship with Asha, a fellow fugitive hiding out at her grandpa’s flat. But time and money are running out.  Can their friendship survive the threats that are closing in?

Can Joe survive at all?

An Island of Our Own by Sally Nicholls

Since their mum died, Jonathan, Holly and Davy have struggled to stay out of care. They need a sanctuary. A dying aunt has one. A real treasure island. It could solve all their problems.

But they’re not the only ones looking for it…

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Feo could not remember a time when she had not known and loved the wolves.  It was impossible not to love them.

She could howl, her mother used to say, before she could talk.  Wolves made sense to her; wolves, Feo thought, were one of the few things worth dying for.

A story of revolution and adventure, about standing up for the things you love and fighting back.

My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons

Luke is comic-mad, and his only mistake is to go to the toilet right at the wrong time.

While he’s gone, an alien gives his undeserving, never-read-a-comic-in-his-life brother superpowers and then tells him to save the universe.

Luke is massively annoyed about this, but when Zack is kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Luke and his friends have only five days to find him and save the world…

The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine

Enter a world of bonbons, hats, perfumes and mysteries around every corner. Wonder at the daring theft of the priceless clockwork sparrow! Tremble as the most dastardly criminals in London enact their wicked plans! Gasp as our bold heroines, Miss Sophie Taylor and Miss Lilian Rose, crack codes, devour iced buns and vow to bring the villains to justice…

A splendid adventure awaits you.

The winning book will be announced at the Award Ceremony on Friday, 24th March 2017.