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Download e-audio books

  • Are you a member of the library?
  • Do you have a PC at home with broadband internet access?
  • Would you like access to free downloads to listen to on your holidays, in the gym or during the daily commute?

One Click Digital, our new e-audiobook service, gives you access to over 600 free titles with new titles being added every month. Each download lasts for up to three weeks. After this time the books are automatically returned, meaning you do not need to visit the library every time you want to borrow or return.

As a member of the library, you can register with the One Click Digital service giving you access to every title in the collection. You will also be able to download some free software to assist your use of the service.

You will need your library card number to create an account and get started. Please register using all letters and numbers from your Salford library card.
Access the service and start downloading e-audiobooks.