Champions Challenge

Running alongside the Champions Challenge 2009 competition was the Champions Challenge Arts Programme 2009, led by Salford City Council.

Champions Challenge is a competition between the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester which took place on the 27 June 2009 at The Wright Robinson Sports College.

This was a unique opportunity for young people to work with leading arts organisations 'Spearfish' and 'Lets Go Global', who delivered innovative digital and urban art activities on the day.

On offer from Spearfish on the day:

  • Spearfish Art Trail - Spearfish positioned a series of interactive art installations throughout the school on the day, where people had a chance to interact with artists, see their work and create their own ideas on blank canvases and life size fibre glass animals
  • Dance - Funkstylerz performed on the day and offered streetdance, breakdance and popping/locking workshops
  • Fashion Badge Making - Artist Delacy, who works with leather helped people create their own key rings, wallets and bags
  • Art on Perspex - The young people got to create their own characters, logos and graffiti inspired lettering on perspex to take home

On offer from Lets Go Global:

  • Flip My Sport: Young people worked with the Lets Go Global team and were given a portable video camera, and were asked to go out and film aspects of the day that they felt were important to them. Footage was then uploaded to a specially designed website for the event.
  • Sportscape - Extraordinary sounds from sports!  Working with sound artist John Tipler, participants developed their own soundscape of the day. They were challenged to go out using a range of audio recorders to find sounds on the day. These were also uploaded onto the specially designed website.