ArtBox Creative Dementia Resources

Afternoon TeaWe have recently developed a small number of creative resources in collaboration with artist Claire Ford specifically for use by carers and staff supporting people living with dementia in Salford. These resources include activities to support participants in using their imagination and creativity and in having fun!

The activities in the ArtBoxes:

  • Build on all five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound and taste) to improve stimulation for longer engagement for individuals living with dementia.
  • Are designed purposely for people with dementia but can be used with anyone.
  • Are designed around three ways of communication - Verbal, Prop and Rhythmic Communication which lend themselves to successful engagement with dementia.
  • Range from visual art to storytelling and drama.
  • The activities are designed to be simple to deliver.
  • Aim to inspire care facilities to think in the 'Present Moment' and around an 'Imagination' model as well as a reminiscence model of engagement.

Afternoon TeaWe have four ArtBoxes which cover a wide variety of themes: Afternoon Tea, Adventures, Sports Day and The Great Outdoors. All boxes come with most of the equipment and resources needed to run them, as well as instructions. 

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