Lark Hill Place

Lark Hill Place, Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Take a step back in time to Lark Hill Place, an atmospheric re-creation of a typical northern street during Victorian times.

The street is set at the turn of the last century, although many of the items are older to show development over time. The ambience is set at teatime on a winter's evening when the street gas lamps have just been lit. The sounds of children playing, horse-drawn carriages and a 'knocker-upper' fill the street. Walk down the street and take a peek inside the any shops and houses, including a toy shop, chemist, grocers, a blacksmiths and an artisan's cottage.

Lark Hill Place was originally created in 1957 when many shops and houses in central Salford were being demolished to make way for new developments. Many of the shop fronts that are in Lark Hill Place today were saved and restored. The interiors have been furnished and are full of authentic objects, recreating the way they were used in Victorian times.

Visitors can explore the street and dress up in traditional Victorian costumes to really get in the spirit of things! 

Shops and houses in Lark Hill Place

Mathew Tomlison's General StoreIs a typical 'corner shop' selling food, household items and sweets
The Music Shopsells a wide range of musical instruments including a harp, a reed organ, musical boxes and a pianola
The Printersis shown as the publisher of the local weekly newspaper 'The Salford Reporter' which passed our of family ownership in 1948
Henry Radcliffe's Toy ShopMarvel at the traditional Victorian toys, including a dapple-grey rocking horse, hand puppets, and games such as the diablo, yo-yo and whips and hoops
The Blue Lion Pubis a corner pub, which has been reconstructed from a number of local pubs. A notice indicates that only those over 13 will be served!
John Hamer, Chemist and DruggistCome and view a magical den of potions, jars and curiosities used to make medicines
Artisan's CottageA small living room where a whole family washed, cooked and ate, with a single bedroom above reached by a plank ladder
The Victorian RoomInside this house is furnished with all the clutter of a Victorian middle-class family
William Bracegirdle, Blacksmith and WheelwrightThe forge was used to make iron parts for wagons and carts, craftsmen's tools and horseshoes
Louisa Greenhalgh, Dressmaker and HaberdasherThere are a number of feathered hats, beaded necklaces and purses, and a parasol made out of lace
James Critchley, CloggerLook out for the long-toed boots with wooden soles, 20 inches long, and would have been used for dancing. You can see a picture in the window of a dancer wearing similar shoes

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