Key Stage 2 sessions

Victorian Gallery © Nick Harrison

Discovering Local History

Investigate how places change over time by interacting with old maps and images. Carry our your own detective work to discover how different historical sources can help us to find out how people lived in the past.

This is a half day session (2 hours) with the option to stay for lunch and extend your visit with teacher-led activities (subject to availability).


We can accomodate one class per visit for this session (maximum of 35).


  • £3.50 per pupil (Salford schools)
  • £4.50 per pupil (non-Salford schools)

Don't forget we have other resources for local history available visit our Local History Resources page to find out more.

Time Detectives

For Key Stage 2 pupils we have developed the 'Time Detectives' package.

We aim to introduce the pupils to the Victorian period using handling objects.

You will be greeted at the entrance by our facilitators who will deliver the first part of the session in the Victorian Gallery. This session focused on historical enquiry, and the pupils will be asked to work in groups to try and identify some mystery objects. They will then be taken on a tour of our Victorian street to find out about their objects, and what life would have been like in Victorian times.

Learning objectives

By the end of the sessions learners will:

  • Have handled and investigated Victorian objects
  • Have learned about historical changes through studying an appropriate range of sources of information (ref. History NC KS2)
  • Be able to ask and answer questions, and to select information relevant to the focus of the inquiry (ref. History NC KS2)

Size of group

We can only accommodate one class in the street (maximum of 35) due to health and safety reasons. Larger groups can be split up, with part of the group visiting the other galleries. All groups must be accompanied by adults - we recommend a ratio of at least 1 to 10.

Our Lark Hill Place Education Pack is available to download. Whilst we do not use worksheets in our session, it may be possible for you to extend your visit to the museum with a self guided look around the street using the worksheets in the pack after the guided tour.


This session has a small charge of £3.50 per pupil (Salford schools) and £4.50 per pupil (schools outside Salford), with a minimum charge of £30.00 for smaller groups. This service must be booked in advance. 

Contact us

For more information or to make a booking please email or give a member of the learning team a call on 0161 686 7442 (Monday and Thursday) or 0161 778 0821 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).