Dancing the Past to Life

In 2011, children from six schools across Salford worked with the hall and professional dance artist Rachel Towe to create a performance inspired by the stories, artefacts and events that have been connected to Ordsall Hall throughout its history.

On Friday 18 March 2011, the school children proudly presented 'Dancing the Past to Life', a dance work created to celebrate the re-opening of the hall.

During the project, each school explored a different moment in the hall's history. The final dance was a compilation of all these pieces which produced one continuous performance.

Dancing the Past to Life: Online Teachers Resource

Developed by professional dance educators the webpages provide resources, including schemes of work and video clips, to support the cross-circular exploration of Ordsall Hall through movement and dance. The themes explored are the History Detectives, Tudors, Guy Fawkes, Word War Two and Ordsall Hall Past and Present.

The History Detectives, Clifton Primary School

A History lesson... BORING!!! Or is it? Clifton Primary School were enlightened about history through exploration of artefacts, newspapers, costumes, photos and finally... time travel!

The Tudors Rich and Poor, Summerville Primary School

Summerville Primary School transported the audience back to near the beginning of Ordsall Hall's history in the 1500s when the Radclyffe family lived at the hall. The children explored the different roles of servants preparing a banquet. They worked hard to chop, mix and cook the food before the guests arrive, and treated us to some fine Tudor dancing.

Tudor entertainers, St Joseph's RC Primary School

St Joseph's RC Primary School joined Summerville Primary School at the Tudor dance and provided some entertainment from minstrels, jugglers, jesters and acrobats.

Guy Fawkes, The Albion High School

Legend has evolved that Ordsall Hall was the location where the plan to overthrow King James was plotted. This has famously become known as the 'Gunpowder Plot'. The students explored the story of a group of young Catholic men in 1605 who devised the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was the first out of the group to be captured, interrogated and tortured for this attempt.

The War Effort, Dukesgate Primary School

Whilst soldiers fought for our country in the Second World War, back at home in Salford, people battled against the hardship of war and the destruction it brought with it.
Nevertheless, people remained strong and pulled together to do their bit. Ordsall Hall remarkably remained intact throughout the bombings and the grounds were used for 'Dig for Victory' allotments. Dukesgate Primary School showed us how the Salford community just pulled themselves up, brushed themselves down and kept on dancing!

Ordsall Hall Past and Present, Irlam and Cadishead Community High School

Ordsall Hall tells many stories, it has seen many changes and it has inspired many communities. Today it stands regenerated and ready to enter the next phase of its history.
It is surrounded by contemporary Salford with its bustling society and modern architecture but has the same heart and carries forward its rich history. The students explored how the past inspires the present and celebrate how the two are intertwined.

Lantern Parade

The district of Ordsall has an annual lantern parade which was recreated by all the schools for the grand finale.