Homing In

Homing In

Between August and December 2012, Ordsall Hall worked in partnership with Salford Young Carers on the development of an exhibition that would be showcased at the Hall from Sunday 2 December 2012 to Sunday 3 March 2013. During the five month project, the young people were inspired by the theme of Ordsall Hall as a home to explore their own lives and homes in Salford.

Throughout the project the young people worked with a professional photographer, developing their technical skills to take the images showcased in the exhibition. The group spent time working with museum and carers staff to plan their exhibition and its publicity, to write their image labels and share their personal stories.

During the project, the young people also shared and reflected on their own experiences and those of older carers. Within the exhibition, visitors can hear some young adult and adult carers speaking about their personal situations and experiences of accessing support as a carer.

The resulting exhibition reflected a real celebration of the young people and the valuable contribution they make to their families and city.

See our past exhibitions page for further information about this exhibition.

What is a young carer?

Young carers, are young people ages 7 to 17, who take on caring responsibilities for a family member, due to illness, disability, mental health issues and/or substance misuse.

The young people carry out significant caring tasks and are assuming a level of responsibility for another person that would normally be carried out by an adult.

If you feel you, or someone you know, is a carer please contact either Salford Carers Centre on 0161 833 0217 or visit the Carers Trust website to find the nearest Carers Centre to where you live.

We would like to thank the following for their support to the project:

  • Ordsall Hall
  • Salford Young Carers
  • Gaddum Centre
  • Carers Trust

This project was generously supported by the Friends of Salford Museums' Association.