House of Memories

House of Memories

Salford Museum and Art Gallery is a national partner of the House of Memories programme, developed by National Museums Liverpool, which is being supported by the Department of Health.

House of Memories is a dementia awareness programme for museums, designed to support people living with dementia, their social carers and families. The programme is centered on the fantastic objects, stories and spaces in museums with people living with dementia. It aims to provide social care staff and family carers with new skills and resources to share with people living with dementia, thus contributing to their well-being and quality of life. These include information on accessing museum resources and visiting the museum, as well as running sessions in care settings and trying new activities at home.

A House of Memories toolkit has also been created to give inspiration and practical ideas for running reminiscence and memory activities. It includes examples of objects, themes and projects from Salford Museum and Art Gallery to get people started, as well as memory walks around the museum, and 'how to' guides to assist staff and carers in developing their own memory activities and spaces.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery hosted a House of Memories dementia awareness training day on the 25 February 2013, which was attended by over 70 delegates from Salford and the Greater Manchester area, who enjoyed a number of taster sessions and a very moving dementia awareness session. A comprehensive report on the regional partners' involvement in House of Memories is available to download from this page. Overwhelmingly, participants report that the training has increased their awareness and understanding of dementia, and helped them to see those living with the condition differently. The training also aimed to show how museums can support care staff and families, and offer stimulating activities for those living with dementia.

In 2016, Salford Heritage Services was proud to partner up with House of Memories once again for their Family Carers Programme. Salford Museum and Art Gallery hosted two awareness sessions for the family and friends of people living with dementia, many of whom take a caring role for their loved one.

Participants had the opportunity to share stories, find out how museums and cultural venues can support both them and the person they care for, and participate in dementia friendly museum activities. Please see the link above for a short film showing the impact this national programme has had on family carers.

To find out more about House of Memories, watch a video or read the project's original evaluation report online on the Liverpool Museums website.

For more information on how Salford Museum & Art Gallery can support your work with people living with dementia, please call our Museum Reception on 0161 778 0800 or email or visit our Memories Matter web page.