Make Place talk: Feminism within the domestic space

Becky Beasley
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
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Becky Beasley's sculptures and photographs open us up into literacy world, imagining structures  Beasley will discuss her practice and relationship to notions of feminism within the domestic environment.

Becky Beasley lives and works in Hastings, England. Recent solo exhibitions include: Lake Erie from the Northwest, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, 2016. Find out more about Becky by downloading the Make Place booklet.

Make Place is Produced by Mark Devereux Projects and supported by Arts Council England.

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Project synopsis

Make Place is a new project by artist Sophie Lee investigating how domestic space shapes our identity.

As part of the project Lee visited Gvendareyjar, off the coast of Skógarströnd, Iceland spending time with Arngrímur of the Fjeldsted family (who bought the islands in 1926). Building house after house on this remote island, Arngrímur is now in his 70s and has built each wooden house by hand. From the outside the houses and island look inhabited, but infact, with closer inspection they are shells, un-lived and un-inhabited.

Complementing her visit to Iceland, Lee spent time researching and learning from the extensive collection of objects and artworks at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Concentrating on connections to domesticity and rituals, Lee has increased her understanding over how 19th Century Northerners built their domestic environments.

These experiences have inspired a new body of work examining Lee’s own personal responses to the thematics through photography, video and sculpture.