Salford Kids Given Chance To Perform on World Class Stage

20th June 2014

This summer more than a thousand Salford children will get the chance to share the same stage as the likes of actor John Cleese, ballerinas from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and the puppeteers in the world famous play War Horse when they perform at The Lowry Theatre.

45 schools across Salford are currently enrolled in the Wider Opportunities project run by the Salford Music and Performing Arts Service (MAPAS). MAPAS is part of Salford Community Leisure, which is an independent charity that helps enhance the lives of millions of people through the sport, leisure and cultural opportunities it offers. The Wider Opportunities project gives school children as young as 5 years old the opportunity to learn an instrument for a year. And this month 1,000 of these miniature Mozarts will perform 8 concerts between 23–26 June at the iconic Lowry Theatre.

Richard Milton, Head of MAPAS said: “We are very proud of our Wider Opportunities Programme that each year, gives hundreds of children their first access to playing a musical instrument. For some pupils, this leads to a career in the arts but for all it remains a passion.”

Sara Walker, Head teacher of Westwood Park Community Primary, one of the schools involved in the project said: 'Wider Opportunities is a wonderful resource; it has greatly enhanced the learning activities we provide. We have accessed a wide range of experiences including singing, drama and Samba! All our pupils take part from Nursery to Year 6 and both pupils and parents thoroughly enjoy the end of year performances.”

Proceeds generated from ticket sales and donations will be put towards funding the Wider Opportunities project in the future.

On the 13th of July the Salford Community Leisure Dance Team will also be staging two dance performances at the Lowry Theatre. The first, the 10th anniversary of the Community Dance Showcase and the second the Schools Dance Competition. The annual Community Dance Showcase this year involves 110 dancers, some with disabilities, aged from 4 to 25 who will perform street-dance routines to music from popular chart artists including, Pitbull and Little Mix. The annual event  gives each dancer the chance to demonstrate the personal progress they have made throughout the year. The Schools Dance Competition involves around 120 performers aged 4-11 years who will compete to win the highly coveted Schools Trophy.

12-year-old Lucy from Salford said, “I cannot wait to perform on the amazing stage at the Lowry again, this will be the 7th year that I have performed at the Community Dance Showcase. When I started dancing at classes run by Salford Community Leisure it was just for fun and to meet friends, now I am able to enter competitions against other dancers in the city, and want to keep dancing forever!’’

The MAPAS showcases, dance performances and competition are just a few of the many events, which are part of the Spirit of Salford, a year long campaign to generate and promote interest, awareness and involvement in the life of the city amongst its local population. Above all the Spirit of Salford aims to make Salford proud - of both its citizens and its city.

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