Salford boasts more pre and post-natal fitness activities than ever

30th October 2019

As the new school year is in full swing and half term is almost over across Salford, routines also go back to normal which means the commencement of many activities for expectant mums and new mums and dads in the area.

Salford has provided a wide range of classes and activities for mums-to-be and those with newborns for many years. Currently, adults and their babies can attend spinning, circuits and kettlebell group fitness sessions at Eccles, Swinton & Pendlebury, Irlam & Cadishead and Worsley leisure centres (babies must be in a car seat or pram whilst session takes place). These specially-designed baby-friendly fitness sessions are a great way to meet other new parents without the need for childcare.

For mums-to-be, aquanatal classes are healthy, safe and fun classes (participants must be 12 weeks pregnant or more) as they provide the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise. Salford’s acquanatal classes take a holistic approach to mums’ physical and mental well-being, combining relaxation with cardiovascular exercises to help prepare the body for labour.

Salford Community Leisure’s Sport and Leisure Manager, Marie Leather, says:

“We are delighted to provided our Salford mums-to-be with the best quality community acquanatal classes. There's a science behind aquanal too as exercise and relaxation release the body’s natural happy hormones, endorphins, which suppress pain and help you (and baby) feel calm – not only helpful in later pregnancy, but also really important during and after labour. If a woman’s body is relaxed, it will go into labour naturally.”

Aquanatal classes take place at Worsley, Irlam & Cadishead and Broughton leisure centres.

There are also baby swim sessions available at Broughton and Worsley Leisure Centres. Discovery Ducklings are for babies and toddlers aged 0-4 and there are four Discovery Duckling awards to achieve which mark the start of the learn to swim experience. The sessions teach babies and toddlers water confidence while staying close to adults. Once the four stages are complete, older babies and toddlers can progress through the Ducking Awards and then move through the regular swimming stages. Discovery Duckling sessions are currently running sessions at Broughton and Worsley Leisure Centres. All sessions run for an hour at £4 for a parent/carer and child.

There are also new personal training sessions available for new mums in the Salford area designed to ease people back into a safe and achievable fitness routine, for all levels and fitness and personal goals. For full details, ask at your local leisure centre or go online.

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