Announcing Lark Hill Place 1918

4th August 2017

Salford Museum & Art Gallery are excited to announce that we have received £32,000 of Heritage Lottery Funding to make a temporary change to Lark Hill Place, the museum's Victorian Street.

For one year only, we'll be moving the date of the street from 1897 to 1918, marking the last year of World War One and forming part of our centenary commemorations.


The Lark Hill Place 1918 project will see the temporary redisplay of Lark Hill Place from 1898 to 1918 to explore the effects of World War One in Salford. The project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund which will allow us to interpret the space and appoint a part-time role to assist the collections team.

During the changeover period artefacts which do not fit in 1918 will be carefully removed to storage, giving the museums collection team a chance to condition check and rest the objects, some of which have been on display for 60 years. More appropriate items from the collection will be brought up to tell the 1918 story.

The war would have affected every business and home in Lark Hill Place so we will be exploring these themes through interpretation, talks and tours, a new piece of promenade theatre and by creating a new soundtrack for the street. We will be going this by carefully recording the sounds made by items in the museum collection - the sound of a teapot pouring, the noise a flat iron makes when placed on the range, the squeak of the shop doors and the sound of knitting needles in the cottage to name but a few.

In order to change the street over to 1918 it will be closed to the public in January 2018, ready to be open from February to December as Lark Hill Place 1918. January 2019 will see the street close again so that we can restore it to 1897.

Watch this space for more details about the project!

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