Would you consider a dechox?

4th February 2019

Ahhhh chocolate, the creamy-sweet-cocoa-goodness loved by millions of people around the world.  People are crazy about feel-good chocolate (and cocoa) in the form of chocolate bars (so many varieties!), in and on hot drinks and in snacks, cakes and biscuits but could you do without it for a whole month?

This is what a new British Heart Foundation campaign is asking us to do: Dechox in February and raise money for a very important cause.

Ahead of the Christian event of Lent, which starts in March and encourages people to give up a luxury or indulgence (usually chocolate), and before Easter and the giving of many chocolate eggs and general chocolate overindulgence, the BHF is urging people to give-up chocolate and go on a Dechox to raise much needed funds.

Some might feel that this is a little harsh, after all we are still in that phase of year where many of us have upped our fitness games, are eating healthier and participating in Dry January, but we say ‘why not’ as Dechox can only help master wellbeing goals and set a healthy tone at the start of the year.

What is Dechox?

It’s all about giving up the sweet stuff (or anything cocoa related such as chocolate sprinkles on a cappuccino, warm cocoa before bed and healthy cacao containing snacks), and raising funds for research into heart and circulatory conditions.

Why do a dechox?

Many people consume a lot of milk chocolate that contains a great deal of sugar and fat, both of which are bad for you. Dark chocolate does have healthier properties, but we say ‘give it all up’ for a month and help this life-saving campaign.

How to get started?

Download a fundraising pack and off you go. The instructions on the website are simple to follow. You might want to donate all the money you’d usually spend per week to the cause or simply make a donation. Either way, it is a great challenge to take with friends, family and colleagues, and who knows, you might loose a few pounds and benefit your own health (stay away from the haribos!). Every donation you make goes to help power the life saving research into heart disease.

Follow the British Heart Foundation on Twitter at @TheBHF and the #Dechox campaign and on Facebook.

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