Dry January - give it a try?

3rd January 2019

Alcohol is a big part of many people’s lives in the UK. We use alcohol to celebrate and mark occasions such as birthdays, weddings and achievements even through to even celebrating it ‘being the weekend’ and more. We treat alcohol differently to other drugs as it is legal, socially acceptable, even encouraged and yet it is essentially it is very bad for our health.

It might be one of those annual events that a lot people dread but like it or not, Dry January is here. Here are a few good reasons why you might want to give it a try to boost your fitness in 2019.

What is it?

Dry January is an annual movement for people to give up drinking alcohol throughout January, That’s it. So, from a hung-over New Year’s Day through to midnight on 31 January, the idea is that not one drop of alcohol will pass your lips!

Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK and there are many benefits to working with them rather than doing it yourself as you can raise money for charity at the same time. There’s also a much greater chance of you staying dry the whole month rather than just a few days or weeks. You can register to be an official part of Dry January or simply go it alone. Either way, Dry January is an excellent way to boost your health at the start of the New Year.

Here’s a reminder of the main benefits:

  1. Weight Loss - You can potentially shed weight when giving up the booze. Alcohol is highly calorific (especially beer, wine and creamy cocktails). A 175ml glass of white wine contains 159 calories – that’s the same as around half a burger. And drinking two glasses of wine that strength would require around 33 minutes of running to burn off 332 calories. Food for thought?
  2. Boost your fitness - Already a gym goer? Reducing or giving up alcohol intake can seriously help improve your performance. You’ll have more energy for those early morning spinning or HIIT classes (!) and you are less likely to crash on the couch after work leaving you to focus on becoming your best self. Pop into our leisure centres to find out more about how Dry January can help your fitness.
  3. Save cash - No wine or beer (or going to the pub) = saving cash. January can be a financial struggle for many people so if you are a moderate or heavy drinker you really could save a nice tidy sum in January to spend on new trainers; a gym membership or a deposit for your summer holiday.
  4. General health improvements - better sleep (alcohol interferes with sleep), better skin and overall health; giving up alcohol for a month you do your insides a lot of good!

Remember: even cutting down on alcohol every week will do your body the world of good. Most people overindulge in December, drinking more than usual, and this can effect your ongoing relationship with alcohol as it develops into more of habit.

It only takes 3 weeks to break a habit so give Dry January a go. Find out more.

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