Calling all members, we need you!

29th January 2020

As part of our ongoing marketing campaign to promote our gym memberships, we're producing a new film that showcases all aspects of our membership, our facilities and our staff. We'll use it to promote our memberships on social media and also on our website.

We Need YOU!

We really want our SCL film to feature 'real' members. We've used 'real' people in our recent photographs and we want to do the same now. So whatever your age, shape or size, we'd love you to be in our new SCL memberships film.

We're looking for people to be filmed:

  • Using the gym
  • Taking part in a class
  • Swimming
  • Playing badminton or squash
  • In the sauna & steam room
  • Relaxing in the cafe 

We'll be filming at:

  • Friday 14 February, 8am - 5pm at Worsley Leisure Centre

We'd just need you for a 2 hour period at some point during one of these days and we'd ask that you are in your gym gear and be ready to do a workout.

Interested? To start with, please just let us know if you're interested in being in the film and we'll take it from there. Email us at

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