Press Release: Salford brings innovative new FloatFit classes to the North West

7th September 2017

As part of its ongoing commitment to bringing the most interesting and creative group exercise classes to its eight gyms, Salford Community Leisure has invested in FloatFit classes which start in September.

FloatFit is the fitness craze of 2017 and currently classes are only available in London. Participants exercise in the pool by balancing on a giant floating exercise platform called an AquaBase which is the world's first floating exercise mat. Ideal for all ages and abilities, by balancing on the AquaBase, the mat finds any imbalances in the body immediately. 

The low-impact FloatFit classes use the unpredictability of water to create a dynamic routine making the most of water's instability by using the full length of the AquaBase to maximum effect - working the core continually to stay balanced.

The movement created by the water requires both the core and concentration to work together to stay on top of the AquaBase. Intricate stabilisation muscles that prevent dislocation and add strength to joints work overtime. These muscle fibres often go 'unworked' in your average workout.

Marie Leather, Sport and Leisure Manager at Salford Community Leisure said:

"We're very excited to start the new FloatFit classes as they offer a fun, full body workout and provide an alternative to working out in the studio. People will find that although the sessions are a lot of fun and very addictive, they are exercising muscles that are usually unworked. Often participants don't realise it's actually an exercise class until they wake up the following morning!"

The creator, Leila Francis Coleman from Aqua Physical, commented:

"We are excited to have launched this new approach to fitness and know that people of all ages and abilities love discovering this unique way of working out."

Our FloatFit sessions are currently available at Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre and Worsley Leisure Centres. View the full timetable.

For more information or to have a go, contact Alison Short at Project Communications on 07530 732 071 or email

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