Improvement Work at Broughton Leisure Centre

20th November 2019

We're always looking to improve our centres for our members and as part of our continued investment, we will be making much needed improvements at Broughton Leisure Centre.


Improvement works are still ongoing and the completion date has now been delayed. 

We apologise for the delay, but we are working to complete this work as soon as possible. We can confirm the new changing rooms, pools, sauna and steam room will now re-open on Monday 17 February 2020.

Works to the centre will feature developments to our sauna and steam room and the installation of a new floor in the changing rooms.

We always endeavour to minimise the impact that making such changes has on our customers, however, in order to complete this work, the swimming pool, sauna and steam room will close on Monday 2 December 2019 and will re-open on Monday 17 February 2020.

Once completed the improved sauna/steam will be directly accessible from the poolside which has proved very popular to our members at other pools across the city. The current lounge area will not re-open and will be converted at a later phase to the improvements into boys and girls group changing areas to support the extensive schools swimming lesson programme.

The condition of the existing floor in the changing room has declined over recent years and has now become a priority for us to ensure that you are able to change in a modern and comfortable environment.

During the refurbishment work (2 December 2019 through to 17 February 2020) this means that:

  • The main gym, ladies only gym and the studio will continue to be open for use by members
  • Toilet facilities will be available but there will be no shower or changing rooms
  • The swimming pool will be close due to lack of changing facilities
  • The sauna and steam room will be closed

This work will also affect members at Clarendon Leisure Centre.

With the swimming pool out of use at Broughton due to lack of changing facilities, all swimming lessons will be transferred to Clarendon Leisure Centre. This will mean the dry side changing rooms may have to be used by children having swimming lessons, so will not be accessible to members during school hours.

What this means

During the refurbishment work at Broughton (2 December 2019 to 17 February 2020) Clarendon will be affected.

  • The gym and swimming pool will remain open for all members to access
  • There may be no changing facilities for gym users
  • There may be no shower facilities available for members

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Membership options:

Choose the best option to suit you:

  • Carry on as normal and enjoy the gym facilities at Broughton and Clarendon along with the fantastic gym, pool and classes at our other Leisure Centres across Salford.
  • Freeze your membership* - put your membership on hold for free, with the guarantee that it will be reactivated when we re-open at the price you are currently pating, regardless of any price increases we may have applied in the meantime.
  • Cancel your membership* - if you do cancel we cannot guarantee what the price will be when you re-join. You will need to sign up at the price that applies at the time, which could be more than you currently pay. Freezing guarantees you stay on the price you are paying now!

Contact us via email indicating whether you want to make ay change to your current membership.

If you have any specific enquiries, please speak to a member of staff:

*Terms and conditions apply

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