2017 Award

Salford students crown their 2017 Literacy Superstar

An exciting annual reading event for Salford high schools took place on Friday 24th March, at The Lowry at Salford Quays that saw Katherine Rundell, author of The Wolf Wilder, announced as this year’s winner.

Over 150 11-14-year-olds from 12 schools across Salford got to meet their literary icons, shortlisted authors Jane Elson (How to Fly with Broken Wings), Sally Nicholls (An Island of Our Own) and Katherine Woodfine (The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow), plus host and comedian, James Campbell at the 14th Salford Children’s Book Award.

The Salford Children’s Book Award, which is run by Salford Schools’ Library Service, is designed to introduce 11-to-14-year-olds in Salford to a wide range of books and authors, to promote that reading is fun and enhance literary development.

Each year six outstanding books are sent to participating schools to read over the course of six months and at the end of this period, students vote for their favourite titles from the selection.

At the ceremony, pupils from participating schools went on stage and told the crowd what they thought about the books, read messages from the authors and met the attending authors and host. There was also a video message from shortlisted author Joanna Nadin.

This year’s shortlist was as follows:

Jane Elson’s How to Fly with Broken Wings, Joanna Nadin’s Joe All Alone; previous winner Sally Nicholls’ An Island of Our Own; Katherine Rundell’s The Wolf Wilder; David Solomons’ My Brother is a Superhero and Katherine Woodfine’s The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

Emily Stock, Schools’ Library Service Co-ordinator at Salford Community Leisure, said:

“We are delighted that this year’s winner is Katherine Rundell for her book The Wolf Wilder which is a powerful and symbolic read and we thank the shortlisted authors who attended the event and further inspired our young readers in attendance.

“For 14 years, Salford Schools’ Library Service has been encouraging pupils in Salford High Schools to love reading through the Salford Children’s Book Award.  We aim to continue to inspire and engage our young people by providing the most diverse range of reading materials possible as we believe that reading different types of literature can really enhance learning, vocabulary and general knowledge.”

The winner of the 2017 Salford Children’s Book Award, Katherine Rundell, said:

“I'm absolutely thrilled to have won the Salford Children's Book Award. I loved writing The Wolf Wilder, but it was a long process - I think my editor and I together went through about thirteen drafts - and so it is doubly special to me that it's been chosen for the shortlist of a wonderful prize like this one. I really do believe that reading is the one thing that can most readily change your life, and I know that Salford is full of passionate young readers. Carry on the good work.”

Linda Parker, Learning Resource Manager, from St Patrick’s RC High School in Winton has participated in the scheme for the last 14 years. Speaking about the Salford Children’s Book Award, Linda said:

“I’ve led reading groups for the Salford Children’s Book Award from its very beginning back in 2003. The process has evolved in many ways over the years but the key element that makes this award special has remained the same - this is a children’s book award voted for by children in Salford. This makes the winner impossible to predict and we have often been surprised at which books do win. The shortlist and the ceremony is eagerly anticipated every year by our pupils.”

Since 2003, Salford Community Leisure’s Children’s Book Award has distributed over 3,000 books to schools across the City, has generated over 2,000 votes and 12 different winning authors.