Class Visits

Class visit with children

If you want to develop your pupils' reading habits then why not bring your class to the library?

"The children are always really enthusiastic when we visit the library and can't wait to see what new books there are. The library staff are very friendly towards our pupils and are always willing to help.” Teacher - Salford

Libraries are well placed to help you to develop a child's interest in reading. For some children a visit with school could be their first time in a library. By arranging to come to the library with your class you can give children access to a wide range of books for them to enjoy, and introduce them to the book borrowing habit.

We offer a range of visits in the library or in your school, tailored to your needs, which can include:

  • Joining the library and borrowing books
  • Storytelling session - this could be linked to giving out the Bookstart treasure packs or the Time to Read packs (formerly Book Time), to your class
  • Topic or research skills session
  • Book talks to promote reading for pleasure
  • Support for reading groups, in and out of school
  • Promotional visits to assemblies

To book a visit please contact your local library in the first instance.