2015-16 Winners

Football and net

Here you'll find all the winners from the 2015-16 season for the JP Business League.

Division 1 Winners - PH Media

PH Media

The first division came down to the second last game of the season. The eventual winners, PH Media won the season by 5 points, winning their last game of the season 6-0 over RBS. 

Division 2 Winners - Gencia FC

Gencia Football Club

Gencia FC won by 2 clear points, winning 7 of their 8 games and gained an impressive goal difference of +49! They will do well in the 1st division next season.

Division 3 Winners - Aecom

The closest division yet, 5 out of the 6 teams able to win the division with 2 games to go. Aecom won by 1 point, beating First Buses 5-1.

Division 4 Winners - SCA Manchester

Another close contest with SCA Manchester winning on goal difference.

Champions League Winners - HSS

The Champions League final was an excellent game of football. HSS (defeated finalists last year) beat Horwich Farrelly 5-2 in a final game.