Your gym journey

Embrace the journey

To get the most from your Aspire membership, we are there to support you every step of the way.

1. Start your journey with a simple and friendly free induction​​

All new members complete a health questionnaire to make sure they are ready or to see if we can offer you any extra support.

FREE fitness inductions with our qualified fitness instructors to make sure everyone knows how to use the equipment safely.

2. Sign up for a FREE personalised programme with a qualified instructor

We can improve your workout! Book in for your very own FREE 30 minute personal programme session with one of our fully trained fitness instructors on a one to one basis.

It’s your chance to discuss your goals, objectives and fitness routine. Our instructor will recommend the best equipment for you and can demonstrate how to get the best out of them. They will also devise a personalised fitness programme for you to follow each visit including guidance on weight levels, reps, speed etc.

3. Book a FREE programme review

Plus to keep you motivated, book in every few weeks for a complimentary follow up personal programme review.

What are you waiting for - contact your local leisure centre today to book your free session.