Recreational Gymnastics

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A full programme of gymnastic activity for children aged between five and fifteen.  All these classes are booked in 10 week blocks. We split into groups dependent on each gymnast’s ability.

BronzeFor beginners to learn the basics in gymnastics such as rolling, balancing, jumping and vaulting skills. This group is for those aged five and above who wish to get fit and improve their agility, balance and co-ordination.
SilverProgress to intermediate group where you can learn slightly more advanced rolling, balancing, jumping/leaping and vaulting skills and develop their cartwheels and handstands. (By invitation only).
Advanced/GoldAn advanced group to learn roundoffs, one handed cartwheels, walkovers and advanced vault skills. (By invitation only).

From the gold group we have a number of development pathways such as team gymnastics, advanced under and over eights and development squad. Gymnasts will be invited into these squads depending upon their ability.

There are now two adult gymnastics groups, which take place on a Monday and Thursday at Ordsall Leisure Centre.

All gymnastics sessions are priced at £4.75 per session.

For more details call the gymnastics team on 0161 778 0284/0285/0286 or email the gymnastics team.

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