Just Move - Junior Fitness Sessions

Just Move Junior

What is Just Move?

Just Move is a fitness initiative aimed at our Junior members (11 - 17 years). The idea is to take them out of the gyms and teach the benefits of active lifestyles by placing them into specially programmed fitness classes.

What do the sessions involve?

Just Move CircuitFocusing on bodyweight and resistance exercises, to improve compound, CV, functional and core strength
Just Move FusionVaried fitness class to challenge and build great technique
Just Move SpinningJunior spinning class (dependent on height)
Just Move Olympic Lifting*Foundation, fundamentals and technique based training to safely prepare and future proof their bodies
Just Move HIIT The Rig*Circuit based functional training to enhance sport performance or build form and posture
Just Move MetafitAdapted bodyweight circuit to improve strength and fitness levels

*These sessions are suitable for ages 14 - 17 years only.

What is its purpose?

  • To build exercise technique in preparation for adult classes, training and programmes.
  • Improve sports related performance.
  • Promote an active lifestyle and key into other related sources i.e.. healthy eating, benefits of training, motivation, success etc.
  • Social interaction.
  • Team work and group ethic.

Where is this offer available?

How much do these sessions cost?

These sessions are inclusive with a Junior Membership, £3.50 for non-members and £3.00 for Freedom members. Sessions can be booked online or via the SCL app.

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