Gym equipment

Gym equipment

After extensive research we have sourced the very latest and most modern gym equipment for you from some of the leading manufactures in the world. All designed and built especially to meet the high demands and requirements needed to help you get the most from each and every gym visit.

All the machines are designed to provide motivating workouts featuring easy to use controls, the very latest in biomechanical and ergonomic design, comfortable seats and hand grips, easy to follow instructions and a full range of settings from the very easy to advanced and professional levels.

For your peace of mind all our equipment is certified to the very highest quality and safety standards making sure you have a safe and effective workout.

Machine features include:

  • Touch screen easy to use cardio consoles with built in TV and radio.
  • Virtual mountain, beach, forest and quayside courses to walk, run and ride through.
  • Fitness tests, compelling workouts and a full range of varied programmes to follow.
  • Weight stacks from the very easy to advanced and professional levels.
  • Independent machine movements to best target different muscle groups.
  • Extra cushioned treadmill decks to avoid impact on the joints.
  • Larger more comfortable cycle saddles.
  • Safer, heavy weight bar usage via Max Rack and Smith machines.
  • High intensity workouts via curved treadmills, upper body cycles and climbers.
  • 'World standard' rowing on our concept 2 rowers.
  • Full freedom of movement cables with adjustments to suit all abilities.

Just starting out? Let us explain what you will find in our gyms...

Cardio MachinesIncluding treadmills, cycles, cross trainers and stair climbing machines to let you walk, run and ride - all designed to get your heart rate going, burn off calories, improve your stamina, endurance and overall fitness levels.
Resistance/strength or weight machinesMachines that feature a fully adjustable weight stack starting with hand levers and grips designed to be pushed and pulled, leg rollers to be lifted and lowered and platforms to be pushed against. These machines are designed to improve your overall strength and muscle tone while also burning off calories.
CableThese are machines that feature hand grips attached to various cables which allow a much more free range of movement than the resistance machines. These machines are ideal for people who do not want to work on a fixed resistance machine, those wanting to pull a heavier weight or to target certain areas of the body.
Free weights and dumbbellsThese can be used in various ways to tone the whole body. Most of our gyms also include a Smith Machine or Max rack which allows users to lift the heavier weight bars more safely.
Spin bikesThese are fixed wheel exercise bikes allowing users to participate in a range of high intensity fitness classes or to include a hard cycle as part of their everyday gym routine.

To get the most out of our equipment, speak to one of our team and book in for a one-to-one gym induction or a personal programme session.