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Since 2005 the Salford Community Leisure Schools Sports Team has been working with primary schools in Salford delivering a high quality ‘PPA package’ which offers expert sports coaching to ensure that teachers have some valuable time for Planning, Preparation and Assessment.

The service aims to contribute towards the entitlement of two hours quality PE for every child. We aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of PE, improve performance in a range of activities, encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle, raise aspirations and self-esteem and in so doing, contribute to raising educational attainment.

We are fortunate to have been involved in the process from conception to implementation and this has clearly resulted in the production of a package that meets the needs of the teachers, parents and the children.

What the PPA package provides

  • Sport specific coaching sessions in all sports including dance, football, netball, gymnastics, rugby and much more
  • Multi-sport sessions
  • Sports equipment to enhance delivery
  • Scheme of work lesson plans
  • Individual pupil assessments
  • A full monitoring and evaluation system

Our coaches

Our coaches are passionate and enthusiastic. They are all NGB qualified and continuously support to enhance their qualifications further. The team includes current and ex professionals in their chosen activity. They have all undergone enhanced CRB checks.

The majority of our coaches have grown up in Salford and may have been pupils at the school they deliver in. They therefore know the area and how to get the best out of the children.

What makes us different from other providers?

  • Value for money
  • Large reliable team of committed staff resulting in never having to cancel a PPA session in 7 years
  • Localised knowledge and approach
  • Close links with the schools to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service

What the schools think

The following was highlighted in an evaluation undertaken in 2008.

  • 94% of the schools rated the PPA package as good to excellent
  • Schools thought the package provided value for money, and that it had a positive impact on PPA time
  • The majority of schools rated the attendance and punctually as good to excellent
  • Teachers felt that their pupils were more enthusiastic about school sport in general as a result of the package
  • In the majority of cases it was felt that pupils’ performance in PE had improved
  • 89% of schools believed their pupils demonstrated an increase in confidence during their PE lessons.

“The coach is excellent and knows how to teach all pupils whatever their abilities / attitude”

“Our coach can always be relied upon to turn up or let us know in advance if there is a problem. He has been flexible and fitted in with our agenda more than once”

“Getting approached frequently by other companies but more than happy to remain with Salford Community Leisure”

“A high quality delivery which complements the work in school to maintain our Sport Active Mark”

What the children think

  • 99% of pupils enjoyed the PE lessons delivered by the coach
  • The majority of pupils thought the coach was good to excellent
  • 97% of the pupils liked the coach coming into their school to take a PE lesson
  • Pupils thought the coach was knowledgeable about the sport they delivered and that they learnt new skills

“The coach is fun to be with”

“The PE coach is kind and teaching us more new skills”
“I think it’s good because it gets you fit”
“I think the coach is perfect”

For more information please contact Chris Finch on  0161 778 0567 or email

The coach is excellent and knows how to teach all pupils, whatever their abilities or attitude.

Over 60 schools receive sports coaching and swimming lessons each week.