Swimming Lessons (Learn to Swim)

Swimming teacher with child in water

Swimming is unique - it is the only sport that can save lives.

Whatever age you are and whether you are an absolute beginner or looking to improve your stroke technique, we offer a comprehensive programme of lessons so there’ll be a course to suit you. Our sessions follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, which takes the non swimmer from their first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.

Qualified instructors take all children through a structured lesson programme teaching new skills and techniques in an enjoyable and safe environment. Each swimmer will benefit from:

  • Small class sizes for beginner groups
  • A fully qualified Swim England instructor

Our approach for swimming lessons makes the system easier and more convenient as you can sign up for swimming lessons at any time and our learners can move through the stages when they are ready.

Learn to Swim app

Make learning to swim even more fun with Swim England's My Learn to Swim app! Start celebrating your child learning to swim by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play and discover more about the programme. 

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There are two ways to pay for your child’s swimming lessons. You can sign up for Direct Debit and spread the cost with regular monthly payments of £22 and avoid the queues at reception.

If you would prefer to pay by cash or card over the counter, you can pay £57 for a block of 10 lessons.

Did you know that if your child attends swimming lessons with us and you pay by Direct Debit that they can swim for FREE at any Swim For All or Swim For Families sessions? 

Come and learn at any of our six swimming pools, there’s bound to be one near to where you live.

To cancel your swimming lesson membership, complete our cancellation form.

"My sons learnt to swim with Salford Community Leisure, it was quick and easy to get started. I could relax in the knowledge that the teacher had all the right qualifications and experience. In no time at all they have progressed through the stages" (Ruth, mother of 2)

Pre-school Classes

Pre-school classes are a great introduction to swimming for your toddler and the perfect way for your child to learn how to have fun safely in water with our friendly swimming teachers.

A programme to nurture early years water confidence. Our parent and child classes develop basic confidence and motor skills through play and are great value.

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Start to Swim Lessons

Whatever level and whether your child is nervous or confident we will find the right group so they can learn to swim. We will take your child through the first four Swim England stages:

Stage 2Develops safe entires to the water including jumping, basic floating, moving and turning to regaining a standing position.
Stage 3Travel up to ten metres on front and back and progress turning skills. Develop safe entry including submersion and water safety knowledge.
Stage 4Learn how to float through a range of skills for all strokes and swim ten metres. Be able to demonstrate the kicking technique.

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Become a Better Swimmer Classses

These classes are designed to develop your child's strokes and to increase speed, strength and stamina. Also ideal if your child wants to prepare for swimming with a local club.

We will take your child through the Swim England stages 5 to 7:

Stage 5Become a better swimmer through sculling and treading water skills and complete rotation. Use breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and front crawl.
Stage 6Develop effective swimming skills including coordinated breathing, water safety aspects and understanding of preparation for exercise.
Stage 7Develop a quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, incorporating skills learnt and combining them to create a linked routine. Complete successfully an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills accomplished throughout stages one to seven.


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Swimmers who have achieved all the skills required through our 'GO Swim' programme will enter our Academies which form the stepping stone from our GO Swim programme through to our Competitive Training Scheme (CTS).

For more information email John Stout our Aquatic Development Manager & Head Coach at john.stout@scll.co.uk.


Competitive Training Scheme (CTS)

Do you want to train and swim competitively? Well Salford is the home of many international swimmers. City of Salford Swimming Club is our competitive arm, the pinnacle of our programme.

For more information email John Stout our Aquatic Development Manager & Head Coach John.Stout@scll.co.uk.

Find out more about the CTS


Swimming lessons for disabled children

Swimming lessons for children with disabilities (aged 3 years and over) take place at Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre and Worsley Leisure Centre on Saturday afternoons.

All lessons are taken by qualified instructors, a number of which can communicate using sign assisted English. Our Starfish lessons are interactive and follow the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. The lessons aim to increase confidence in the water and cater for each individual’s needs.

Fun Swimability sessions are also available for parent and carers with children and young people who require additional care and support.

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