Meet our Ambassadors

This Girl Can Salford Ambassadors 2017-18

Danielle Bates

Age: 42

Activity: Group exercise classes at leisure centres

Bio: Been a member of the gym since 19 years of age. Had periods in life where haven’t been able to attend due to having Crohns Disease, Endometriosis and PCOS. Used swimming as rehab after hysterectomy in 2015. Been on/off dieting but since joining Slimming World, Danielle has lost 2 stone and kept it off for 4 years!

Since then, she has become a Slimming World consultant and currently works out 4 x a week and inspiring others to join at Aquafit.



Bex Phillips

Age: 42

Activity: Martial Arts

Bio: Started to take care of herself when found out she was pregnant. Has been doing Jeet Kune Do martial arts for 8 years and been a member of Irlam & Cadishead Leisure Centre for 3 years. Daughter now trains in martial arts too! 

Emma Flynn

Age: 36

Activity: Long distance triathlon and marathon running

Bio: Emma feels she has the qualities to inspire others to get into exercise. Has gone through some traumatic experiences and used exercise as a great escape mentally. Started gentle running and is now a member at Salford Cycling Club and Salford Triathlon Club and loves it!


Jen Earl

Age: 49

Activity: Various group exercise classes

Bio: Joined Slimming World with husband and both lost 3.5 stone. Previously swam on a regular basis but last year wanted to try new types of exercise. Joined our leisure centres during one of our winter gym offers. Feels that exercise has helped with grieving for her mum who had recently passed away. Says ‘losing weight was the start, exercise has become her future.’ Exercise has given her confidence and enjoyment of life. Heading into 50s but fitter!

Aimee Wright

Age: 19

Activity: Volleyball

Bio: Been using the gym for over a year. Plays Volleyball and going to the gym allows her to keep fit and stay active. Currently on a fitness journey herself. Creates meal plans and exercise routines for mum and a number of friends. Feels social media is a great platform for being an ambassador and thinks she would be great in helping us inspire others.



Rhianna Parkinson

Age: 25

Activity: Gym

Bio: Previously overweight and suffered with depression and felt addicted to bad food. With the help of sport facilities, she has taken up exercise. Gone from zero exercise to completing an Ironman triathlon! 

Helen Wolstencroft

Age: 38

Activity: Gym/Group exercise classes

Bio: Always been a plus size lady. In August 2014 made a big change in her personal life and dropped 2 dress sizes and joined Swinton & Pendlebury Leisure Centre. First started attended the gym but then changed to attending classes. Continued to exercise even with torn ligaments in her ankle! Now at a 9 stone loss and down to a size 14. Helen wants to inspire others with her story and says no matter what your size or fitness levels this girl can!


Shahine Mahmood

Age: 49

Activity: Gym

Bio: Shahine is a mother of 5, works in a school and cares for her elderly mother. With all of this she runs regular voluntary exercise classes and helps many women overcome social barriers and fears, a true inspiration to all.

Jasmine Barker

Age: 17

Activity: Football

Bio: Loves to be involved in any physical activity and devoted to football and plays for Bolton Wanderers Ladies which hasn’t been easy due to an ongoing leg problem. Started college in 2016 and continued to play and was selected to be the team captain for Manchester United Foundation Team. Was ready for quitting due to always being in pain after being diagnosed with Hypomobile Joints and is currently having intense physio. Jasmine wants to represent people with Hypomobile syndrome and ladies football!


Gemma Rothwell

Gemma Rothwell 

Age: 34

Activity: Working out/Gym

Bio: Gemma is a fitness instructor and qualified to teach Level 2 ETM, Boxercise, Boxfit, Zumba, Les Mills, Legs Bums & Tums and her biggest achievement is teaching BodyCombat. In the last 4 years has lost 5 stone and has completely changed her life now by helping others to lose weight and get healthy!