Corporate Boat Race

Corporate Boat Race

On Friday 15 November join us for a Corporate Boat Race featuring our new Katakanu boats.

Katakanus are our new paddle boats, that seat up to 6 people and are ideal for racing competitions. They are 5 metres long and 2 metres wide, and look like 2 large canoes linked together to give it the look of a Catamaran.

This race is the perfect opportunity for colleagues to get together and challenge different teams.

Teams are made up of 10 members, with up to 6 people in the boat at any one time. They'll be a number of races throughout the day, giving everyone plenty of chance to get out on the water. Teams race off against each other to complete a course across our water. Winners will be crowned in the final race, with the fastest team becoming Champions.

Why sign up?

  • It's a fun, easy to try activity for everyone, with no previous experience required
  • Corporate paddle racing is a great way to get your team and staff motivated
  • It's perfect for bringing out some friendly inter-team or inter-business competition across your workplace
  • Helps bring teams together and builds bonds and cohesive team working
  • Can be a unique way to entertain clients and create memorable experiences for your guests
  • We've got a huge range of experience in delivery racing events and will make the day a safe and enjoyable day for all competitors
  • We look after every part of the event, from the equipment, to safety and support to supplying the winners prize, so you don't have to worry
  • It's one of the fastest growing corporate team building activities
  • Taking part can help support your CSR strategy

Event runs from 1-4pm.

Get your team together and book now. £100 per team!

To book your team, call 0161 877 7252 or email